001- Four year champion

4 year champion

The time of 4 years quickly flew by.

Ye Qingyu was 14 years old. He was a youth that lived in the poor district of Deer City, which was part of the snow country.

4 years ago, within snow country’s borders, the air moved restlessly and an apparition appeared.

Ye Qingyu’s parents, in an unprecedented wave of demon attack due to an abnormal turn of events, died in battle. As a result of this, Ye Qingyu became an orphan and the Ye family from then on deteriorated.

Today, was the end of the four year promise.

“Father, Mother, the four year promise has been fulfilled!”

As the sundial pointed to the predetermined time, Ye Qingyu’s face that was originally slack suddenly brightened up. His eyes opened wide and in it, you can see a lightning like glimmer.

In that instant, he seemed to turn into another person entirely.

In front of the grave, Ye Qingyu respectfully kneeled and bowed three times. Then, he started digging.

After uncovering the newly turned soil, three inches under, a black box was carefully hidden.

It was an extremely ordinary looking box.

The work outside was shoddy, without a lock and the long-time buried underground has caused obvious signs of rust to appear on the iron box. Ye Qingyu carefully took out and opened the box, where a bronze badge was lying within.

Under the bright dawn sun, the badge which depicted the crossing of swords, shimmered under the light.

This was the most important possession his parents had left him.

“Mother, Father, according to the promise, I can now do the things I want to do. Can I now return to a normal person? Haha, those folks who have laughed at me for four years, will they be so shocked that their chins will drop?”

When he finished speaking, Ye Qingyu thought of something and a strange smile appeared on his mouth.

After 4 lonely years, despite undergoing hardship and torment, did not twist Ye Qingyu’s personality at all.

He was still filled with optimism, still filled with confidence.

What he lost was just some unimportant things, but what he gained was truly valuable – a calm, unwavering, determined and rational heart and a pair of eyes filled with wisdom that could see through lies and falseness.

Only through experiencing hardship, can truly mould a person.

For Ye Qingyu, this four years could be comparable to a complete rebirth.

“Haha, for those who have laughed at Ye family for these fours years, you guys are going to become extremely misfortunate. I’m a person who is extremely vengeful. Mother, Father, right now I’ll act freely, you will definitely not blame me, isn’t that right?”

Ye Qingyu’s expression was calm and peaceful, as if his parents were sitting in front of him.

Carefully, Ye Qingyu stored the badge away.

Then he suddenly thought of something.

“Also, what the Ye Family have lost, I will take it all back with my own hands. Dad , what you’ve said is correct, without strength all this anger is meaning. So I’ve decided, I will go to  the White Deer academy to learn first, you guys won’t object right? Wait until I’ve become strong, that sword, our property and the Ye Family mansion, I will take it all back!”

The teenager seemed as if he was swearing a solemn oath.

“Ah, that’s right, even though until death you didn’t want me to be involved in this issue, but I will definitely investigate clearly. What happened exactly in the battle to defend the city that caused you to fall …… No matter who stands in my way, I will, one fist at a time, break through the sky and shine the light on the shady folks who will pay the price!”

Ye Qingyu looked at the still tombstone as if he could see his parents familiar faces.

His smile was filled with confidence.

In the distance, the golden ray of the dawn pierced the morning mist like a sword, and countless beams of light shined.

Ye Qingyu’s body was covered with light and he turned, walking towards the sun.

A legend, although late by four years, but ultimately unstoppable, began in the cemetery slums, quietly rising.



According to the rumours, there were countless time warped hidden worlds and these could be divided into countless domains.

The number of domains were like the number of stars in the sky, inexhaustible.

But since the beginning of the world, through the chaos of millennium, the number of domains discovered by the strongest of each species was only eight one with the [Qingyun domain], [Aria domain] and the [Southern domain] being the most prosperous.

Every domain was extremely broad and vast, with each forming a small world, giving birth to endless races and countless lives.

The Heaven wasteland domain, was one of the extremely young domains and had only been excavated for less than a hundred years so the reputation was not high.

And within this Heaven wasteland domain, was the Deer city, a comparatively remote town.


The time was summer.

Within the deer city, the annual White Deer academy selection process was currently undergoing.

As the best beginner martial training centre for thousands of miles*, since the White Deer college began sixty years ago, it was the dream of countless youths to attend.

As a result of this, since the sun had risen, there were tens of thousands of crazed people, crowded into the entrance of the White Deer academy.

As the bell sounded in the academy, accompanied by countless cheers, the selection process for new students had begun.

Gradually, the bright glare of the sun continued to heat up, but this could not stop the enthusiasm of the teenagers.

In addition to the thousands of males and females of suitable age in Deer city, there were also countless youths who fulfilled the admission criteria that travelled here. Disregarding the thousand mile journey, they’ve set off from different villages and settlements through mountains and rivers, accompanied by their loved ones for protection, to participate in the selection process.

Especially for the countless youths that originated from the poor, this was a chance to change their fates —

Once you pass the selection process and become part of the White Deer academy, it represented that you had taken one step into heaven**. After training hard and becoming a strong Yuan qi warrior, then you can begin changing the poor fates of themselves and their parents.

In this time, the whole Deer city seemed as if it was undergoing a holiday celebration.

“Ah, have you heard, the daughter of the president of the Cheongna commerce company, Song Qing Luo, who is only 12 years old, have successfully passed through the selection examination in her first try. Through all six appraisals, she was appraised as excellent and possessing first class talent! This time the Cheongna commerce company will produce a young genius!”

“That doesn’t mean much, the son of South district’s leader, Lee Seung Jin, has also been appraised as having first class talent and has long been look upon favourably by several Elders of the White Deer academy..”

“That not too strange, as part of the wealth family, from when they were small, their roads to become strong has already been prepared. Cultivation techniques, spirit medicines and resources have all been arranged for them. For those rich young masters, they were born with a set of golden keys in their mouth, and as long as they prepare a little bit, passing through the White Deer academy selection process how can it not be simple?”

“That’s right, compared to the lowly students, those aristocratic children won because of the difference in the starting line!”

“Its hard for a precious talent to be born of a poor family!

Outside the White Deer academy, everyone was discussing heatedly.

People was extremely emotional.

Because from the start of the examination to now, the majority of youths that had passed, came from a wealth background. And for the poor students that had come to take part in the examination, out of a hundred there were only one or two that were able to pass, causing the small probability to shock everyone.

Those teenagers who had passed were cheering in celebration while those who had been eliminated were crying, their faces fill with despair. Some family were happy while some were filled with worry.

The air of noble young masters and the depression of the poor teenagers presented a stark contrast.

The martial road, has always been incomparably cruel.

The admission venue selection grounds, was at the entrance of the academy.

The entire selection process underwent under the eyes of everyone, in this aspect, it was at least fair. For countless poor youths, this was the only chance at changing their fate.

The crowds of people made the entire test area packed.

As the examiner endlessly announced the results, the crowd would emit a shocked exclamation and the despairing sounds of those eliminated would drift out, crying or begging.

At this time, the crowd split apart.

An imposing youth, filled with smiles, squeezed out from the crowd and walked towards the selection grounds.

Once the teenager appears, it attracted the attention of many bystanders.

He looked to be around fourteen to fifteen years old, his clothes simple and his black hair was tied back with a simple rope and fell back to his wait like a waterfall. He had a slender physique filled with strength, with swordlike eyebrows and starlike eyes***, possessing an angular face filled with confidence.

No matter who glanced at him would feel a surge of pressure through his heroic atmosphere.

Although this youth wore a robe covered with patches and was evidently too short for him, but it was washed extremely clean. A pair of straw sandals that looked as if it was about to break down was worn. He looked extremely shabby, but his atmosphere was like a victorious general returning.

“Eh? Quickly look, isn’t that Ye Qingyu? That idiot… doesn’t he look…changed?”

“Oi, is that guy going to participate in the admission selection again?”

“Haha, he really came. I remember, that stupid child has already undergone quite a few of White Deer academy selections?”

“That’s right isn’t it? That guy is a bit crazy, I guess the shock of losing his parents has impacted him too much. Its been four years of continuous entry into the examination, and every time he can’t even pass the first appraisal. He has long since becoming the biggest joke of Deer city, and he has no sense of shame, he has even come here to be embarrassed again!”

“Hahaha, its all because the venerable Dean of the White Deer academy has once praised him, saying that he was a genius that had the potential to enter the Deer city ranking, even the hidden dragon rankings!

“Maybe the old dean was confused and misjudged…”

“I feel so too, however this poor Ye Qingyu stupidly thought it was for real, coming every time for the examination. Haha, it’s so pitiful, its funny!”

The crowd did not bother to disguise its discussion, and the discussion clearly passed into Ye Qingyu’s ears.

His lips carried a faint smile, not caring in the last.

“A bunch of fools, knowing nothing, if not for the… I would have long entered the White Deer academy.”

Ye Qingyu came to the outermost appraisal spot, obtaining the test nameplate.

According to the rules, only after obtaining the nameplate, could he participate in White Deer Academy’s six appraisals. He had already taken part four times in the selection process so he knew about every aspect of the rules very well.

“Eh, isn’t this the four year champion? He’s coming again this year?” A teenager, cynically said, wearing purple silk clothing and suddenly stepping near Ye Qingyu.


“After this time, he should be the fifth year champion? Ah, this is too fearsome…”


*Technically says li (Chinese measurement of distance, roughly equivalent to 500 metres) but since the whole concept of distance is so muddled, I’ll just keep it as miles.

** Chinese idiom here, 一步登天, where the literal translation is one step into heaven pretty much means you’ve become successful in one go.

***No idea what this Chinese description means but heres what a google search of it turns out lol.



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